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To come in 2018

March 11-25, 2018 and May 13-27, 2018
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training with Matthew Cohen ~ Sacred Energy Arts

Sacred Energy Arts is a unique, integrated system of health and self-development drawing from the teachings of yoga, qigong and martial arts. This course is designed to quickly bring you to the next level of ability in your personal practice-and become a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. By the end of the training you will be confident in teaching a SEA Signature Yoga Flow Class.
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March 25, 2018
Joyful Backbends with Sunny

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March 31, 2018
Workshop with Shirley: Unlock the Potential of Pranayama and Bandhas to Deepen Your Practice
Join Shirley for this workshop to explore and apply the benefits of pranayama and bandhas both in your asana practice and off the mat in your daily life. Take your personal yoga practice to a deeper level through awareness of breath and body. 
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Journey through the Chakras With Zhao
The workshop will lead you to feel the colors, sounds and even psychological impact of each chakra through meditation and yoga asanas. As you learn about the chakras, it allows you to liberate your fixed patterns, unhealthy emotions, and defensive tools.
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April 21 - 24, 2018
In this unique Yoga immersion program we explore our true nature by connecting to the deep Yin essence of being. Using a combination of standing and sitting meridian Yoga, and lying down restorative Yoga poses we activate the free-flow of the true Qi of the body. Through the teachings of Chinese medicine and Yogic philosophies we examine the relationships between the Yin building organs of the body, the related emotions, natural gifts, and ways of being that correspond to those systems.
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June-July, 2018
Yoga Yard Teacher Training (Chinese only)

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Ongoing Events

Time to be determined
Intro to Yoga Weekend Workshop
New to yoga? Want to brush up on the basics? Join us for a weekend on the principles and practice of vinyasa yoga.
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Every Saturday (16:00-17:30pm)
Acro Yoga with Justine
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Yoga Yard is founded on a love for Yoga
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High-quality teaching and a deep respect for the
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